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About Us – OLD


We look for talented newer authors that not only have interesting ideas and have the ability to express those ideas in an easy to understand format. We also look for authors that have alternative methods and markets to sell their books. Although Specific House Books are sold in book stores and all the major online merchants the strength of the book market today is the multitude of niched direct markets.

The restaurant that writes a cookbook of their favorite recipes that is sold at the restaurant is just one example of the power of niched direct book marketing. The organization guru that works with individuals and organizations to organize their business fits that mold as well because every client of hers wants her secrets to organization success to take home withy them.

We will continue on our strongest path of how to books and will entertain any interesting concepts. All proposals should be mailed to Specific House Publishing at 268 Hamrick Drive Kissimmee, FL 34759

A Sampling of some of the books Published by Specific House