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Welcome to Specific House

Business Building through Authorship and Publishing

We live in the fast-paced world where there is always a smarter answer, a better way or faster solution to our daily issues. We are forever having to learn new techniques and strategies. We all desire to stay on the cutting edge of business and are constantly searching for the silver bullets that will catapult our businesses to the next level.

Thus, the need to become The Recognized Expert. This is how Specific House can help you.

Specific House - BOOKS that build BUSINESSES

We Turn Everyday Experts into Published Authors

Specific House helps you turn your expertise into increased sales by generating positive media exposure and differentiating your business from the rest. To accomplish this authoritative goal, Specific House helps write, produce and market Specialty Business Books that create expert status for an individual or business. Our mission is to help you build your business through credibility and positioning. Browse our bookstore now >


What is 101 PR Publishing?

101 PR Publishing is a division of Specific House that shares the same mission
but adds a collaborative twist.

The Power of the Collaborative Twist

Rather than publishing one book by a single author, 101 PR Publishing combines the talents
of many everyday experts from their area of specialty to create a voice larger than their own.
Through this program, you

  • gain additional marketing strength from fellow experts, creating shared credibility
  • make positioning your promotion

The best way to sell something; don’t sell anything.
Earn the awareness, respect, and trust from those who might buy.

This not about selling books.
It’s about positioning you as a recognized expert.

When you join a 101 project, you position yourself as the published, local expert for your business — a position that comes with great power and influence in the minds of your customers. Become an expert now!  Learn how >